03 NOVEMBER 2011

Time Program
10.00 Arrival and Registration
10.30 Introduction: Welcoming speech and presentation of the conference goals
- Conference organizers: Global Enterprise (Belgium), CLUBOFFICE, betahaus (Germany)
10.45 Taking coworking the next level: it’s all about community!
– Alex Hillman, IndyHall, Philadelphia (US)
11.05 Presentation of the Coworking Europe Survey 2011
- Deskmag (Germany)
11.20 The state of the independent worker in Europe, the US and elsewhere
- Carolyn Ockels and Steve King, Emergent Research, San Francisco (US)
11.35 Coffee Break
11.50 Why cities and governments support coworking
- Tanja Mühlhans, City of Berlin (Senate Department of Economics, Projekt Zukunft – Creative Industries), Dirk Kiefer, Initiative Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes (Federal Ministry of Econonomics & Technology, Germany)
12.10 How an increase in collaboration is changing the way office spaces are designed
- Oliver Marlow, Tilt Studio, London (UK)
12.25 Why universities should partner with coworking spaces
Juho Hyytiäinen, Aalto Venture Garage, Aalto University, Helsinki (Finland)
12.40 The promising impacts of coworking for China & How coworking acts as a gateway between chinese and european entrepreneurs
- Liu Yan, Xindanwei Coworking Space, Shanghai (China)
13.00 Lunch Break
14.15 Coworking for Creative Industries
- Rafael de Ramon, utopic_US & Manuel Zea, Working Space (Spain)
14.35 Coworking, as breeding ground for startups – will the next Google, Starbucks or Facebook start out of a coworking space?
- Adam Neumann (Livestreamed), WeWork, New York (US)
14.55 Could coworking become the future of working in corporations?
- Eric van Den Broek, Mutinerie, Paris (France)
15.15 Why our employees in innovation processes work in a coworking space
- Christoph Giesa, Otto Group, Hamburg (Germany)
15.35 From a traditional conference center towards spaces for serendipity: A corporation transforming from the old to the new world
- Ronald van den Hoff, Seats2Meet, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
15.55 Panel:
Is there competition between business centers, incubators and coworking spaces?

  • Sean McSimon, CLUBOFFICE (Germany)
  • Catherine Fekrane, TVT Innovation, Toulon (France)
  • Rebecca Brian, NextSpace San Francisco, San Francisco (US)
  • Ronald van den Hoff, Seats2Meet, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • Tilo Maria Pfefferkorn, Ecos Office Center (Germany)
16.35 Break
17.05  Workshop 1: Coworking and Innovation

  • Juho Hyytiäinen, Aalto Venture Garage, Helsinki (Finland)
  • Philippe Verstichel, Global Enterprise (Belgium)
  • Rebecca Brian, NextSpace San Francisco, San Francisco (US)
  • Sebastian Olma, the.think.tank, Amsterdam (NL)

Workshop 2: Getting out of the crisis thanks to coworking

  • Anna Klementz, LOFFICE, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Alexandre Kahn or Marianne Wehbe, CoCoAthens (Greece)
  • Mazen Helmy, The District-Egypt, Cairo (Egypt)
  • Liz Helam, Link Coworking, Austin TX (US)
17.55 Break
18.00 Final Panel: Expected challenges for the global coworking movement: Professionalisation, community, independence, values, soul…

  • Alex Hillman, Indy Hall, Philadelphia (US)
  • Anni Roolf, organiser of the International Jelly Week, Wuppertal (Germany)
  • Liu Yan, Xindanwei Coworking Space, Shanghai (China)
  • Mazen Helmy, The District-Egypt, Cairo (Egypt)
  • Massimo Carraro, Cowo-Coworking Project, Milan (Italy)
18.30 Q&A
19.00 Dinner-Party at CLUBOFFICE

04 NOVEMBER 2011

Time Program
09.45 Welcome at Betahaus
10.00 Opening Session – Presentation of Betahaus + Launch of the Betahaus manifest/hand book – Christoph Fahle, Madeleine von Mohle, Sebastian Olma
10.20 Panel: Coworking business models: completely private, publicly funded, backed by another business, sponsored?

  • Carsten Foertsch, Deskmag (Germany)
  • Alberto Bassi, Lab121 (Italy)
  • Sean McSimon, CLUBOFFICE (Germany)
  • Alex Hillman, IndyHall (US)
11.05 Coworking Barcamp: Last call for topics
You can propose your topics now.
11.20 Panel 1: Should you start a coworking space as part of a Coworking chain, brand or network?

  • BetaGroup Coworking (Belgium), Ramon Suarez
  • betahaus (Germany), Christoph Fahle
  • La Cantine Rennes (France), Karine Sabatier
  • Cowo (Italy), Massimo Carraro
  • The Hub Network (World), Michel Bachmann
11.20 Panel 2: How web services and tools can support the development of your coworking space?

  • Richard Leyland, Worksnug (UK)
  • Joel Dullroy, Deskwanted (GER/EST/AUS/USA)
  • Sébastien Arbogast, Kodesk (France/Belgium)
  • Thilo Utke, Cobot (Germany)
  • Campbell McKellar, Loosecubes (USA)
  • Enrico Icardi, Shareddesks (Italy)
12.00 Coworking Barcamp: Schedule
12.05 Lunch
13.15 Coworking Barcamp – open for topics with speeches, workshops, discussions – parallel sessions from 13.15-14.00, 14.15-15.00, (Break), 15.30-16.20, 16.30-17.20 You can propose your topics now.
Current proposals:Peter Schreck (Germany), Coworking Cologne:
“Cocreation of a viable DIY Skype Booth under a creative commons licence for the coworking world.”Anni Roolf,, Germany:
“Idea generation for global community building”Massimo Carraro (Italy), Coworking Project:
“Why a network? – Fostering a community of communities”

Liz Elam (USA), Link Coworking:
“Brainstorming the agenda for the Coworking Conference/Unconference in Austin 2012″

Alexandre Khan (Greece), Colabs:
“Introduction to European Funding Programs to boost the creative industry”

Bring Stinehelfer (Germany), SMartEU:
“How to improve working conditions for freelancers, International Cultural Freelancers’ Alliance”

Elias Barrasch (Germany),
“Design Thinking: How to improve better interactions among coworkers

Julianne Becker (USA) Deskmag:
Removing the coworking hyphen: Preparing and ratifying a letter to send to AP and other style guides to get rid of this error!

Joel Dullroy (Estonia/Australia), Deskwanted/Deskmag:
Coworking in the news: What stories would you like to see written about coworking in the media? An editorial workshop.

17.30 Free time or dinner

05 NOVEMBER 2011

Time Program
09.30 Brunch at CLUBOFFICE
10.30 Second Part Coworking Camp + Design Clinic with Tilt Studio
12.30 Wrap-up and conclusions – plenary session
14.30 Coworking Tour through Berlin’s Coworking Spaces organized by Deskmag: Tours will be guided and have a capacity of up to 25 people each. Participants can sign up during the course of the conference. Guides will pick you up at CLUBOFFICE at 14.00.
14.30 Coworking Tour A
Tour guide: Tabea Bork
14:30 Wostel (Hermannplatz: U7, U8)
15:30 Pulsraum (Schönleinstr: U8)
16:30 Kreuzkölln Office (Schönleinstr: U8)
17:30 co.up (Kottbusser Tor: U1, U12, U8)
14.30 Coworking Tour B
Tour guide: Julianne Becker
14:30 House of Clouds (Birkenstr: U9)
15:15 Raumstation (Birkenstr: U9)
16:30 Supermarkt Studios (Bernauer Str: U8)
17:45 St. Oberholz (Rosenthaler Platz: U8 / Tram M1, 12)
15.00 Coworking Tour C
Tour guide: Joel Dullroy
15:00 YIN Lab (Ostbahnhof S3, S5, S7, S75)
16:15 Atelier Überall (Schlesisches Tor: U1)
17:00 Nest Coworking (Görlitzer Bahnhof: U1)
18:00 Tante Renate (Kottbusser Tor: U1, U8)
15.00 Coworking Tour D
Tour guide: Johanna Voll
15:00 Studio 70 (Hermannplatz: U7, U8)
16:00 Agora Collective (Leinestr: U8)
17:00 co.up (Kottbusser Tor: U1, U8)
18:00 D36 (Moritzplatz: U8)
15.00 Coworking Tour E
Tour guide: Carsten Foertsch
15:00 St. Oberholz (Rosenthaler Platz: U8)
16:00 Made (Alexanderplatz: U8)
17:00 YIN Lab (Ostbahnhof: S3, S5, S7, S75)
18:00 Tante Renate (Kottbusser Tor: U1, U8)
14.30 Coworking Tour W
Tour with cars for wheelchairs, organized by CLUBOFFICE
14:30 Wostel
16:00 Made
17:00 co.up
18:00 D36All tours will end near Betahaus.
20.00 Coworking Europe Party at betahaus